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All services provided by us shall be governed exclusively by the General Terms and Conditions for Shipbrokers and Shipagents in Germany in its latest version as issued by the German Shipbrokers' Association (Zentralverband Deutscher Schiffsmakler e.V.), available hereunder.

Place of jurisdiction: Hamburg - HRB26930

VAT-Id-No.: DE 118547550

Should terminal charges and/or ISPS charges to be applied by the Terminal, such charges will be for shippers account and charged to them.

BSLE CARRIAGE CONDITIONS: Carriage of cargo is on the BSLE ITALIA SRL terms, which can be found on website and/or on their bill of lading terms, conditions and exceptions, which are also available on said website and at offices of BSLE ITALIA SRL and its agents and any term to the contrary unless agreed to in writing by BSLE ITALIA SRL itself is void. All offers given by BSLE ITALIA SRL or their agents are valid for immediate written acceptance by shippers. Offers are subject to sailing, surcharges, cancellations and availability of space. In view of the uncertain situation in the middle east region and irrespective of the conditions offered today, BSLE ITALIA SRL reserves if at the time of shipment or thereafter the situation in their exclusive judgement allows for vessels to be sent to that area and/for certain ports to be called. Freight and/or additionals are to be paid upon sailing and before delivery of bills of lading.

Sanctions to Iran: All BSLE ITALIA's offers and bookings are subject to merchants and/or cargo and/or origin and or destination being in compliance with latest sanction resolutions issued by i.a. the United Nations and the European Community for which compliance merchants are responsible towards BSLE ITALIA/Master/Owner/Agents. Please consider that the requirements (shippers declaration) to be supplied by the company appearing in the BSLE bill of lading as shippers, imperatively before shipment. The sanction lists recently issued by governmental bodies make it necessary for BSLE ITALIA to inform merchants that BSLE ITALIA will follow all instructions/advice they may receive from governments, official entities and/or insurance companies particularly regarding Iran bound cargo and vessels calls at Iranian ports, be that before loading or during all subsequent stages of the transport. BSLE ITALIA SRL reserves their right, if so requested by any one of the a.m. parties to exclude cargo from being loaded and to discharge Iran bound cargo at a port convenient to BSLE ITALIA at merchants risk and expenses.

The navigational route followed by BSLE ITALIA's vessels in their trade Europe/Middle East/Europe usually passes thru Suez channel and Gulf of Aden. BSLE ITALIA reserves their right to change routing should the known situation in that area in their exclusive judgement change.

Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
gezeichnet mit der Vereinigung Hamburger Schiffsmakler und Schiffsagenten e.V. (VHSS)

AGB der Eurabia Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB)